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So, I Kinda Suck.
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Yeah. I've been gone for a while, I guess. Busy with the semester starting, and such. Now that it's time for the winter semester, I guess I've settled in to things, and I can get back to fiction writing. I hope I can get back into the swing of things. I've got a couple of story ideas, and I'm eager to start writing again.
Now, I've got to reapply to a couple of comms, and wake up my muse.

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I've joined dove_drabbles.
Yay, more prompts!

A monthly prompt challenge community for all pairings and all fandoms
where the prompts come from the messages on the inside of the wrappers of chocolate Dove candies!

My JourneyStory Plot
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I would love feedback on my idea!

Title: Consequence of Choice (working title)
Author(s): vesperaer
Fandom/original: Harry Potter
Characters/pairing if any/rating/warnings/etc: Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood/Tom Riddle Jr.
Current fic word count: N/A - working on the details/outline/summary still. I signed up late, but I have no doubt I'll finish in time!
Do you want an artist? I would certainly love that, though if there is a shortage of artists or something, no big deal.
Summary*: After stealing a Time Turner, Luna and Harry decide to go back in time to save their parents from early deaths. However, the time turner is an experimental one, and takes them back too far. They arrive in 1937, the year Tom Riddle starts Hogwarts. For some reason (I'm thinking the time turner is too unstable to reuse right away, or breaks. Not sure yet) they are forced to go back to their original era the old fashioned way - one day at a time. With the help of Dumbledore, the two sixth years enroll in Hogwarts. The befriend Tom Riddle, and try to guide him away from a darker path. If they succeed, they could save the wizarding world from a terrible Dark Lord. But what are the consequences of changing history in such a drastic way?

Womenverse: Challenge #17: BAMF Team
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Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The Quintet of Quality Ladies

The Quintet is composed of five of the best and brightest women of their age.Collapse )

Womenverse: Team Combat Boots Header Entries
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Entries for the Team Combat Boot header at womenverse.

The Entries!Collapse )

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Here are the sigtags that I've made for myself! Hopefully, this will lead to more graphic making!

If you'd like to request a graphic, for some reason, feel free to do so!
And please let me know what you think.

On to the sigtags!Collapse )
Crossposted to eveningmoon.

Journey Story
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I must be raving mad. Absolutely bonkers. Comepletely 'round the bend.
I've signed up for another big bang.
journeystory does look amazing though. And I do like my idea for it.

[community profile] journeystory & journeystory

Author Sign Up & Artist Sign Up @ LJ
Author Sign Up & Artist Sign Up @ DW

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Another writing challenge! wordery
I've pledged to write 9000 words a month.
Let's see how it goes!


100_fairytales Prompt Table
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Aaand yet another set of prompts!
This time for 100_fairytales

100 Fairy Tales Prompt Set
001.The fox as shepherd. 002.Curing a sick lion. 003.The saving blood.004.The first to see the sunrise.005.Learning to fear men.
006.What was whispered in his ear.007.Blood-brothers.008.Sin and grace.009.The danced-out shoes.010.The princess in the shroud.
011.The girl as helper in the hero’s fight.012.The youth transformed.013.The magician and his pupil.014.The youth who wanted to learn what fear is.015.Little brother and little sister.
016.Sleeping beauty.017.Friends in life and death.018.The bridge to the other world.019.The confession.020.All stick together.
021.Beloved of women.022.The dance among thorns.023.The devil’s contract.024.Open sesame.025.Invisible voices.
026.Her only trick.027.The hunter.028.The lazy boy.029.The snare.030.The rhyme.
031.Thank you three times.032.Why it turned winter.033.The spider brings luck.034.A pound of flesh.035.Wise through experience.
036.Like wind in the hot sun.037.The blood that testified to the truth.038.The partition of an inheritance.039.Bargain not to become angry.040.Casting eyes.
041.Cleaning the child.042.Contest in words.043.The ogre injured.044.As much as you can carry.045.With his whole heart.
046.The man who competes with the devil.047.The girl who ate so little.048.Sunlight carried into the windowless house.049.The man takes seriously the prediction of death.050.Mistaken identity.
051.Fools frightened.052.Sailing in a contrary wind.053.Hospitality.054.How wide the world is.055.The girl who patched her apron.
056.The silence wager.057.The old woman as troublemaker.058.The girl who does not know herself.059.The thunderstorm.060.Staying with a friend in rainy weather.
061.The practical girl.062.Keeping up appearances.063.Clean and tidy.064.Nothing to cook.065.The dead shall remain dead.
066.A clever boy.067.The girl who ran so fast.068.Carrying part of the load.069.The girl who wanted to be always young.070.The first harbinger of spring.
071.Cleverness and gullibility.072.For the long winter.073.Know-it-all.074.Building castles in the air.075.What should I have said?
076.The forgotten word.077.Jealousy.078.Two match-makers.079.Echo answers.080.Can’t take a joke.
081.Cards fall from the sleeve of the preacher.082.The man who will never say thanks.083.The girl who is spinning the thread of fate.084.Good-bye, you dirty world.085.'Who gives his own goods shall receive it back tenfold.'
086.Three words at the grave.087.Imagined penance for imagined sin.088.A realistic demonstration.089.You shall see me a little while longer.090.Another matter.
091.Too much talk.092.Wishing contests.093.A miraculous escape.094.Good luck.095.I knew you were coming.
096.Unusual hearing.097.The wishing ring.098.No time for sickness.099.The lucky shot.100.The poisoned apple.


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